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UFAW is an internationally recognised, independent, scientific and educational animal welfare charity concerned with improving knowledge and understanding of animals’ needs. It promotes high standards of welfare and practical, long-lasting solutions to welfare problems for farm, companion, laboratory, captive wild animals and those with which we interact in the wild.

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Recent news & updates

Debate Forum on animal welfare labelling: an attempt to summarise….

At the UFAW conference held in Edinburgh on the 28 -29 June 2022, a debate forum was organised to discuss the pros, the cons, and the challenges associated with animal welfare labelling of food products. It was chaired by UFAW Research Director Birte Nielsen and – to initiate the discussion – featured talks from  Professor Frank Tuyttens (ILVO and Ghent University, Belgium), Professor Siobhan Mullan (University College Dublin, Ireland), and Professor Alistair Lawrence (SRUC/University of Edinburgh, UK). To encourage an open debate, the meeting was neither live-streamed, nor recorded, and the summary is but a fraction of the opinions and issues raised in the hour-long discussion that followed the talks.

The UK has recognised Animal Sentience in Law, Now the Hard Work Begins…

Last week, the Animal Welfare (Sentience) Bill completed its parliamentary stages and now awaits Royal Assent to become law. The passing of the bill means that animal sentience will be enshrined in UK law, having been the only piece of legislation that was not transferred from the EU following Brexit.

Can we get better at tickling rats?

Rats emit ultrasonic vocalisations (USVs) in the 50 kHz range when a human hand imitates the rough-and-tumble play seen between young rats. A recent publication questions whether current methods overemphasise the use of pinning, where the rat is flipped onto its back followed by rapid and forceful tickling of its belly. 

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