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Leaving a gift in your Will

UFAW’s work to reduce animal suffering and to improve animal welfare is only possible because of the generous support of those who leave a legacy.  Gifts left in wills make up over 50% of our income, so every one is extremely valuable to us. A gift in your will, regardless of size, will ensure that we can continue to harness science to make advances in animal welfare worldwide and that the results of such scientific research are acted upon promptly.

Gifts left in wills have enabled UFAW to develop from simple beginnings in 1926 to become an organisation that has championed the application of science in the service of animal welfare.  Now internationally recognised for its work in improving animal care and welfare, UFAW has, over the last century, seen the development of the scientific approach to advance animal welfare.  However, finding ways to protect the welfare of the many species of animals with which we interact, whether as their keepers on farms, in our homes or in laboratories, or as their stewards in the wild, continues to be a huge challenge.

UFAW funded research and education materials have already made a real difference to the lives of millions of animals, but there is a vast amount of work to be done to understand the needs of the many animals for whose quality of life we are responsible, to work out how these needs can be met and to share these advances worldwide. 

We do not receive any government or lottery funding, so we rely entirely upon the kindness and generosity of our supporters to continue our essential work.


If you wish to tell us that you have remembered UFAW in your Will it gives us the chance to say thank you.  It also helps to shape our future direction so we can continue to use science and education to reduce animal suffering and improve animal welfare for years to come.  Anything you tell us will be treated with respect and absolute confidentiality.

Whatever you decide to do, we would be very grateful to be kept informed as it helps us plan further communications to you.  Thank you.

Further information

UFAW is happy to answer any initial queries you may have about making a Will but we also recommend that you take the advice of an independent adviser such as your solicitor.  Some banks also offer advice.  For further information about leaving a gift to UFAW in your will please contact us on +44 (0)1582 831818 or request an information pack (link to downloadable legacy brochure).

A lasting gift to the future of animal welfare

Leaving a legacy is a wonderful way to make sure your care for animals and their welfare will live on.

Legacies are vital to our work, a fact that most of our supporters don’t realise. Over 50% of our income for last year was received from gifts that people have kindly left in their wills.


Your legacy will be used effectively to make a lasting difference

UFAW knows that writing your Will is a private matter and can present difficult decisions. We understand that your family will always come first no matter what, but we guarantee that even the smallest gift towards our work will be put to effective use.

UFAW works tirelessly towards the ideal that animal fear, pain and suffering are minimised and that their lives are made as pleasurable as possible, now and in the future.   We do this through harnessing the power of science to make a fundamental and lasting difference to attitudes to animals and to the way we care for them.  Recent projects have included supporting the education of working animal keepers in Africa, outreach projects in Asia, organising garden bird health initiatives and alternatives in the use of animals in medical research.

A gift to UFAW will make a lasting difference for millions of animals worldwide.  A gift, large or small really does make a difference. They allow us to:

  • Fund research into the needs and wants of animals – UFAW’s efforts are largely focussed at improving the knowledge of animals needs and how those needs can be recognised and met
  • Promote education in animal care and welfare, largely at university and college level, which helps to teach those who will become the teachers of the future.
  • Provide information and expert advice to government departments and other bodies and help to draft and amend laws and guidelines

How to leave a gift

Making or amending a Will is not difficult and probably not as expensive as you might think.

Why it’s important to make a will

Having an up to date Will is important for you to ensure that your wishes are met, that your family and dependents are provided for and that changing circumstances are taken into account.  Ensuring your loved ones are looked after is a priority for most people and a Will can help you to protect the people closest to you. Even if you don’t consider you have much to leave, it is still important to make a will. If you die without a will (intestate), your money, property or possessions may not be allocated in the way you would have wished, or expected.

What to consider in your will

First of all, you’ll want to take care of your family and friends and specify what you would like to leave to whom. If you have pets, you may wish to make provision for them too to ensure that their future is secure.   

The next step is to consider the charities you care about and whether you would like to leave a gift to help them continue their work in your memory.

Three different ways to leave a gift in your will

You can leave UFAW part of the entire residue of your estate (the balance left after specific cash gifts, debts, tax and funeral expenses have been paid). This is a great way to support us as it keeps pace with inflation.

A pecuniary legacy leaves a specific amount to the charity. This cash sum can be of any size.

You might choose to leave a particular article to the charity, such as a parcel of land or an item of valuable jewellery, which can then be sold to raise funds.

Already made a will?

If you have already made a will, it’s simple to make changes to it. You can either add a supplement to your existing will, called a codicil, or, if the changes are quite substantial, it may be better to make a new will.

Meet with your solicitor

Before you seek professional advice, prepare a few facts and figures as this will enable you to make the most of your consultation time.  .

Have a list of your assets with rough estimates of what you think they are worth, a list of any outstanding debts you may have and a list of beneficiaries, including any charities and their registered charity numbers, you would like to include in your Will. 

Solicitor Help for Donations

If you’ve decided to remember UFAW in your will, you may wish to include the charity’s full name, address and charity number to ensure your bequest goes to the right charity. 

Official address:

The Universities Federation for Animal Welfare
The Old School
Brewhouse Hill
St Albans
Herts AL4 8AN
Registered in England Charity No 207996 
Company Limited by Guarantee No 579991


Donate in memory of a loved one

We are always extremely sad to learn of the death of one of our members or supporters. Leaving a gift in memory of a loved one, friend or pet is a wonderful way of remembering and celebrating their life.  Gifts donated in this way mean a great deal to us. If you would like to speak to someone about making a donation in memory of a loved one please contact us on 01582 831818.

Funeral Collections

Asking for donations at a loved one's funeral is a lovely way to honour their memory and, when arranging the funeral of a loved one, many people kindly choose to offer donations to a charity in lieu of flowers.

Many funeral directors will be able to arrange a collection and forward the donations on your behalf directly to UFAW but if you would prefer to organise your own collection then please email ufaw@ufaw.org.uk or call us on 01582 831818.

We would like to thank you for thinking of our work to improve the lives of animals at this difficult time.