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Animal Welfare Student Scholars’ Meeting

University of Reading
Agriculture Building, School of Agriculture, Policy and Development, Whiteknight Campus, Reading, RG6 7BE UK
Wednesday 13th December 2017

Recent advances in animal welfare science VI

UFAW Animal Welfare Conference

28th June 2018, Centre for Life, Newcastle, UK


Welfare impacts of controlled atmosphere methods for stunning or killing animals

June 29th-30th 2017, Southern England, UK


Measuring animal welfare and applying scientific advances - Why is it still so difficult?

UFAW International Symposium 2017

 27th - 29th June 2017





RSPCA/UFAW 23rd Rodent and Rabbit Welfare Group meeting 2016

The Group’s 23rd annual meeting will be held on Tuesday 1 November 2016 in Edinburgh.