Spring Appeal 2017

Support UFAW in building international university links

The UFAW 2017 Spring Appeal is for funds to assist with building international university links. The aims of the University LINK scheme are to promote animal welfare science and the objectives of UFAW while providing a forum for the involvement of members and supporters, thus building worldwide capacity to improve animal welfare.

The LINKS form a vital part of UFAW’s outreach work and build capacity around the world and, over the next twelve months, we would like to be able to add another ten links to the scheme. Each LINK, once accepted, can request funds of up to £500 per academic year to support animal welfare activities in line with UFAW’s objects. Our preference when deciding whether to support an activity is that it is based on animal welfare science and that it helps promote this reasoned approach to improving animal welfare as widely as possible.

If you would like to support this appeal, please send a donation to the Spring 2017 appeal at the UFAW office address or complete the form below. Should funds exceed the amount required for this project, UFAW will apply funds to other projects. Thank you.



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