UFAW SAWI Fund Grants and Awards

in Support of Animal Welfare in Israel

Support for high quality animal welfare science

UFAW has been very influential in promoting progress in animal welfare in the UK and worldwide through support of high quality animal welfare science and through promoting and publishing information on animals’ welfare needs and how these can be met.

Supporting key research initiatives has proved a very effective strategy for bringing about major changes of attitude and improved animal welfare on a large scale. For example, during the 1950s, a UFAW project undertaken by William Russell and Rex Burch resulted in the development of the principles of the Three Rs as set out in their influential book: ‘The Principles of Humane Experimental Technique’. The Three Rs have been adopted around the world as the key guiding principles for the welfare of animals in research and this has resulted in, and continues to drive, huge welfare improvements.

UFAW is keen to identify and support projects in Israel through which high quality science can lead to major animal welfare benefits.

Scientific advances in animal welfare can have a great impact both through changing attitudes – fostering greater concern for animals – and more directly through the development of improved methods of animal care.  

For these reasons, the UFAW SAWI Fund would be very pleased to receive applications from scientists, veterinarians and others in Israel, for the support of high-quality research in animal welfare. However, UFAW does not wish to exclude potentially valuable projects in other aspects of animal welfare science and applications for work in any other areas will be considered equally.

Support for major, high quality educational initiatives

UFAW’s success in leading improvements in animal welfare is also based on production and publication of important educational resources, including, for example (in addition to the influential ‘Principles of Humane Experimental Technique’ mentioned above): The ‘UFAW Handbook on the Care and Management of Laboratory Animals’, the ‘UFAW Farm Animal Handbook’, the international quarterly scientific journal ‘Animal Welfare’, and various books in the UFAW/Blackwells Animal Welfare Series (see Publications). The charity has also effectively helped promote animal welfare through organising major international workshops and symposia.

The UFAW SAWI Fund would be pleased to receive applications for support for major, strategic, educational initiatives for animal welfare in Israel, such as organising international workshops or conferences or the preparation or publication of books.

UFAW staff would be very happy to discuss, informally, any ideas that potential applicants might wish to put forward.