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Animal Welfare - Book Reviews

Book reviews are also available to view on  https://www.cambridge.org/core/journals/animal-welfare

Researching Animal Research. G Davies, B Greenough, P Hobson-West, RGW Kirk, A Palmer & E Roe 2024

Halal Slaughter of Livestock: A Fuseini 2023

Wildlife Ethics: The Ethics of Wildlife Management & Conservation. C Palmer et al 2023

Understanding Animal Abuse & How to Intervene with Children & Young People Mendes Ferreira, Williams

Health and Welfare of Captive Reptiles, 2nd edn. Ed C Warwick, PC Arena and GM Burghart 2023

Anesthesia and Analgesia in Laboratory Animals, 3rd Edn. Ed by M Dyson, P Jirkof et al 2023

Routledge Handbook of Animal Welfare, 1st Edn. Edited by A Knight, C Phillip and P Sparks 2022

Zoo Studies: Living Collections, Their Animals and Visitors. PA Rees 2023

Making a Stand for Animals. O Horta 2022

The Cat: Behaviour and Welfare. BO Braastad, A McBride and RC Newberry 2022

Nonhuman Primate Welfare: From History, Science, and Ethics to Practice LM Robinson & A Weiss 2023

Moral Awareness and Animal Welfare. D Lamb 2022

Being Your Cat: What's Really Going on in Your Feline's Mind. C Haddon & D Mills 2023

Treated Like Animals: Improving the Lives of the Creatures we Own, Eat and Use. A Simmons 2023

Interacting with Animals: Understanding their Behaviour and Welfare. P Le Neindre & B Deputte 2022

BSAVA Manual of Practical Veterinary Welfare. Edited by M Rendle and J Hinde-Megarity 2022

The Mind of a Bee. L Chittka 2022

Wild Animal Ethics: The Moral and Political Problem of Wild Animal Suffering. K Johannsen 2021

One Welfare in Practice: The Role of the Veterinarian. Edited by T Stephens 2021

Key Questions in Animal Behaviour and Welfare: A Study and Revision Guide. PA Rees 2022

Preslaughter Handling and Slaughter of Meat Animals. Edited by L Faucitano 2022

Much Like Us:What Science Reveals about the Thoughts, Feelings, & Behaviour of Animals Sachser 2022

Handbook of Laboratory Animal Science: Essential Principles and Practices, 4th edn. J Hau 2021

Understanding the Bird of Prey. N Fox 2022

Through a Vet's Eyes: How We Can All Choose a Better Life for Animals. S Wensley 2022

Behavioral Biology of Laboratory Animals. K Coleman and SJ Schapiro 2022

Guilty Pigs: The Weird and Wonderful History of Animal Law. K Barnett and J Gans 2022

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Asking Animals: An Introduction to Animal Behaviour Testing. BL Nielsen 2020

Dogs: Understanding Your Very Best Friend. J Bradshaw 2021

Broiler Chickens: Welfare in Practice. A Butterworth, I de Jong, J Mench, L Berg and M Raj 2021

Changing Human Behaviour to Enhance Animal Welfare. Edited by R Sommerville 2021

Mao's Bestiary: Medicinal Animals and Modern China. LPY Chee 2021

Measuring Behaviour: An Introductory Guide, 4th Edition. M Bateson and P Martin 2021

Pigs: Welfare in Practice. I Camerlink 2020

The Science of Animal Welfare: Understanding What Animals Want. M Stamp Dawkins 2021

Advances in Pig Welfare, 1st Edition. Edited by M Špinka 2018

Mental Health and Well-being in Animals, 2nd Edition. Edited by FD McMillan 2019