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To help tackle genetic welfare problems, UFAW recommends that anyone buying a puppy should ensure that it is accompanied by an RSPCA/BVA AWF Puppy Contract and Puppy Information Pack (PIP). See

The Royal Veterinary College held a conference, part funded by UFAW, to draw attention to welfare issues that can affect brachycephalic dogs (short muzzle breeds). A report of the meeting can be downloaded here.

The collection of information and development of this site is a 'work in progress'. Non-inclusion of a breed or condition at this time does not necessarily mean that the breed has no genetic disorders or that the condition is not a problem.

NB. Conditions are described on a breed-by-breed basis. It should not be assumed that the conditions listed here occur only in the breed in which they are described. They may occur in other breeds (and in cross-breeds) also. We hope to be able to develop the website to give broader coverage in due course.


Introduction to Brachycephalic Obstructive Airways Syndrome Featuring Dr John Bradshaw (University of Bristol) and Dr David Sargan (University of Cambridge)


Click on a breed to go to the list of conditions for which information is available on this site:

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