Animal Welfare Publications

UFAW publications on a variety of animal welfare topics:

Guidelines on Welfare and Ethical Review for Laboratory Animals

Guidelines for the ethical review of laboratory animal welfare
People’s Republic of China National Standard GB/T 35892-2018
[Issued 6 February 2018 Effective from 1 September 2018]

Judy A. MacArthur Clark | Deming Sun
Freely available to download here

The UFAW Handbook

on the Care and Management of Laboratory and  Other Research Animals, 8th Edition

Editors R Hubrecht & J Kirkwood, Various authors. UFAW 2010.

Infectious Diseases of Garden Birds - Minimising the Risks

by J K Kirkwood & S K Macgregor. 2nd Edition, UFAW 2000.
Freely available to view here.

Comfortable Quarters for Dogs in Research Institutions

by Robert C Hubrecht.
Freely available to view here.

Toxicology Housing and Husbandry Survey

A Report by the Toxicology and Welfare Working Group

Editor Robert C Hubrecht, UFAW 1995. Freely available to view here.

Man and Beast

by CW Hume, UFAW 1982.

Science in the Service of Animal Welfare:

A chronicle of eighty years of service

by S M Wickens, UFAW 2007.

The Status of Animals in the Christian Religion

by C W Hume, UFAW 1957, Reprinted 1980.

The Neighbours: An Animal Anthology

Compiled and illustrated by Fougasse, UFAW 1954, Reprinted 1980.

Feeding Garden Birds: Best Practice Guidelines

UFAW 2005.

Environmental Enrichment in Captive Primates:

A Survey and Review

by L A Dickie, UFAW 1994.

The UFAW Handbook

on the Care & Management of Decapod Crustaceans in Captivity

by R W Ingle, UFAW 1995


An Ethogram for Behavioural Studies of the Domestic Cat (Felis silvestris catus L.) UK

Cat Behaviour Working Group, UFAW 1995.