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UFAW assists with developing standards for laboratory animal care in China

15 May 2016

For some years, UFAW has been jointly organising seminars with the Home Office, Chinese Association of Laboratory Animal Science CALAS, and AAALAC International to assist in the development of Chinese regulation in this area. The latest attracted over 450 Chinese delegates.

Virtual Conference reaches over 50,000 people

15 April 2016

UFAW’S Senior Scientific Programme Manager Dr Huw Golledge gave a keynote presentation at the LabRoots two-day international Laboratory Animal Science (LAS) virtual conference, which was held live entirely online.

UFAW Conference announces Programme of Speakers

20 January 2016

UFAW’s forthcoming one-day conference has once again attracted a diverse and dynamic programme of speakers from the UK, Europe and the USA. 

Research shows high risk of breathing problems in dogs with short muzzles

29 December 2015

Findings highlight that snuffling, grunting and snorting in popular breeds isn’t normal or healthy

Researchers at the Royal Veterinary College (RVC) have recently demonstrated the health risks of breeding dogs with short muzzles. Although short muzzles are an increasingly popular face shape in pet dogs, flattened faces were found to greatly increase the risk of developing a debilitating, lifelong respiratory condition leaving dogs chronically short of breath.

UFAW Animal Welfare Student Scholarship Awards – Closing date 26th February 2016

13 December 2015

Applications are now invited for the 2016 UFAW Animal Welfare Student Scholarships.

Nominations invited for two prestigious UFAW awards

17 October 2015

UFAW is inviting nominations for its two prestigious awards - The UFAW Medal for Outstanding Contributions to Animal Welfare Science and the UFAW Young Animal Welfare Scientist of the Year Award

UFAW Link Scheme BSc Animal Science - University of Reading

16 October 2015

On Friday 25th September 2015, the University of Reading's new intake of BSc Animal Science students visited Marwell Zoo as part of their induction week activities. With support from the UFAW Link scheme, the students received a great introduction to animal welfare science in the context of zoo animal management. 

LASA 2015 Meeting

8 October 2015

For some years, UFAW has organised one-day meetings on the welfare of animals used in research with the Laboratory Animal Science Association (LASA).  The 2015 meeting, co-chaired by UFAW’s Chief Executive Dr Robert Hubrecht with LASA Alternatives Section Convenors Patricia Pimlott and Joanna Cruden, was held at the end of September.

Animal Welfare Research Training Scholarship 2016

17 September 2015

UFAW is inviting applications for its 2016 Animal Welfare Research Training (PhD) Scholarship.
Deadline 20th November 2015

Recent Advances in Animal Welfare Science V

17 September 2015

Recent Advances in Animal Welfare Science V
UFAW Animal Welfare Conference
York Merchant Adventurers' Hall, UK
23rd June 2016