Why UFAW's work is important?

14 November 2018

Are we responsible for the welfare of wild animals?
Public opinion varies as to whether, and to what degree, humans should be considered responsible for the welfare of wild animals.  In the past, humans have played only a minor role in the lives of the majority of free-living wild animals.

However, there are now few, if any, places in the world where human activities have not, either directly or indirectly, affected animals and with this, arguably, comes some responsibility for their welfare.

Over many years, UFAW has worked to improve the welfare of wild animals by identifying issues and seeking solutions.  If you want to know the effects of human activity on the behaviour and physiology of seals in Antarctica, or how tourism impacts on the health and welfare of the endangered Galapagos sea lion, see here)

You can read more about how human activity has affected the welfare of wild animals and how UFAW has worked towards improving these situations by clicking on these links. 

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