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Animal Welfare - Content and Abstracts

Volume 6

To view an abstract from this issue select a link below:

Volume 6 Number 1

February 1997

  1. Lack of evidence for stress being caused to pigs by witnessing the slaughter of conspecifics. M H Anil, J L McKinstry, M Field and R G Rodway
  2. Fear-motivated aggression in dogs: patient characteristics, diagnosis and therapy. S Galac and B W Knol
  3. A comparison of the effects of simple versus complex environmental enrichment on the behaviour of group-housed, subadult rhesus macaques. S J Schapiro, M A Bloomsmith, S A Suarez and L M Porter
  4. Behaviour of laying hens negotiating perches at different heights. N R Lambe, G B Scott and D Hitchcock
  5. Observations on the electric lance and the welfare of whales: a critical appraisal. D K Blackmore, P Madie and G R G Barnes
  6. Behavioural effects of cage enrichment in single-caged adult cats. M de Monte and G Le Pape
  7. Successful group housing of wild-caught brushtail possums (Trichosurus vulpecula). B J McLeod, E G Thompson, J L Crawford and G H Shackell

Volume 6 Number 2

May 1997

  1. Use of in-cage shelters by laboratory rats. P Townsend
  2. Postgraduate teaching in farm animal welfare and ethics. V Lund
  3. Welfare implications of the night shooting of wild impala (Aepyceros melampus). A R Lewis, A M Pinchin and S C Kestin
  4. The effect of a short-term biomedical research protocol on stereotyped rocking in young chimpanzees. K A Pazol and M A Bloomsmith
  5. The behaviour of pigs in lairage in relation in relation to their post-weaning management: results of a postal survey. E J Hunter, H L Riches, H J Guise and R H C Penny
  6. Effect of wood-pile feeders on the behaviour of captive bush dogs (Speothos venaticus). R Ings, N K Waran and R J Young
  7. Behaviour and thermogenesis of racing pigeons housed under transport conditions. J Gorssen and P Koene

Volume 6 Number 3

August 1997

  1. A scientific conception of animal welfare that reflects ethical concerns. D Fraser, D M Weary, E A Pajor and B N Milligan
  2. Control and complexity in novel object enrichment. T D Sambrook and H M Buchanan-Smith
  3. Behavioural observations of peri-parturient sows and the development of alternative farrowing accommodation: a review. D S Arey
  4. The humane control of captive marmoset and tamarin populations. A W Sainsbury
  5. Stress and adaptation of cats (Felis silvestris catus) housed singly, in pairs and in groups in boarding catteries. M R Kessler and D C Turner
  6. A comparison of weaning techniques in farmed wapiti (Cervus elaphus). J C Haigh, J M StookeyÜ, P Bowman and C Waltz
  7. Effective feeding enrichment for non-human primates: a brief review. V ReinhardtÜ and A Roberts
  8. The early ontogeny of bar-gnawing in laboratory gerbils. C Wiedenmayer

Volume 6 Number 4

November 1997

  1. Effects of enrichment and floor type on behaviour of cubicle loose-housed dry sows. J Durrell1, I A Sneddon and V E Beattie
  2. The educative role of an animal care committee in Canada: A case study. A D Bowd
  3. Released, rehabilitated hedgehogs: A follow up in Jersey. P A Morris
  4. Housing and welfare in laboratory rats: Welfare implications of isolation and social contact among caged males. J L Hurst, C J Barnard, C M Nevison and C D West
  5. Effect of climatic conditions on the adult of adult ostriches (Stuthio camelus) in Britain. D C Deeming
  6. Effects of foraging enrichment on the behaviour of parrots. L E Coulton, N K Waran and R J Young
  7. Illuminating issues of companion animal welfare through research into human-animal interactions. A L Podberscek

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