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Animal Welfare - Content and Abstracts

Volume 5

To view an abstract from this issue select a link below:

Volume 5 Number 1

February 1996

  1. People's willingness to pay for farm animal welfare. R M Bennett
  2. On comparing the behaviour of zoo housed animals with wild conspecifics as a welfare indicator. J S Veasey, N K Waran and R J Young
  3. Rearing pigs in species-specific family groups. B Wechsler
  4. Space utilization by captive-born baboons (Papio sp.) before and after provision of structural enrichment. A L Kessel and L Brent
  5. Stress hormone responses of sheep to food and water deprivation at high and low ambient temperatures. R F Parrott, D M Lloyd and J A Goode
  6. The external locations of harpoon minke whales taken in Antartic commercial whaling operations, 1978/79 season. P B Best
  7. Assessment of motivation in the lizard, Chalicides ocellatus.
    T M Skelton, N K Waran and R J Young
  8. Welfare implications of the gas stunning of pigs 2. Stress induction of anaesthesia. A B M Raj and N G Gregory

Volume 5 Number 2

May 1996

  1. Is broiler breeder welfare improved by using qualitative rather than quantative food restriction to limit growth rate?
    C J Savory, P M Hocking, J S Mann and M H Maxwell
  2. The effects of different types of feeding enhancements on the behaviour of single-caged, yearling rhesus macaques.
    S J Schapiro, S A Suarez, L M Porter and M A Bloomsmith
  3. On comparing the behaviour of zoo housed animals with wild conspecifics as a welfare indicator, using the giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis) as a model. J S Veasey, N K Waran and R J Young
  4. Behaviour of silver foxes in traditional breeding boxes and in boxes with an entrance tunnel. B O Braastad
  5. Effects of group housing and oral corticosterone administration on weight gain and locomotor development in neonatal rats.
    L A Young, G Pavlovska-Teglia, G Stodulski and J Hau
  6. Contrasts in diet amongst barbary macaques on Gibraltar: human influences. H O'Leary
  7. Behavioural time-budgets and beak related behaviour in floor-housed turkeys. B O Hughes and P N Grigor

Volume 5 Number 3

August 1996

  1. Animal welfare: evolution and erosion of a moral concept.
    F R Stafleu, F J Grommers and J Vorstenbosch
  2. Ethics of interventions for the welfare of free-living wild animals.
    J K Kirkwood and A W Sainsbury
  3. Stereotypic behaviour in wild caught and laboratory bred bank voles (Clethrionymus glareolus). J J Cooper and C J Nicol
  4. Handling, bruising and dehydration of cattle at the time of slaughter.
    A M Jarvis, C D A Messer and M S Cockram
  5. The effect of moving bait on the behaviour of captive cheetahs (Acinonyx jubatus). B G Williams, N K Waran, J Carruthers and R J Young
  6. Preferences of laboratory mice for characteristics of soiling sites.
    C M Sherwin
  7. The effect of translocation on a social group of badgers (Meles meles).
    J A Brown and C L Cheeseman

Volume 5 Number 4

November 1996

  1. Effects of lighting on the welfare of domestic poultry: a review. C E Manser
  2. Space requirement stipulations for caged non-human primates in the United States: a critical review. V Reinhardt, C Liss and C Stevens
  3. Spontaneous activities of captive performing bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus). L Galhardo, M C Appleby, N K Waran and M E dos Santos
  4. Introducing dogs into kennels: prediction of social tendancies to facilitate integration. S M Sonderegger and D C Turner
  5. Welfare by design: the natural selection of welfare criteria.
    C J Barnard and J L Hurst
  6. An assessment of stress caused in sheep by watching slaughtering of other sheep. M H Anil, J Preston, J L McKinstry, R G Rodway and S N Brown.

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