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Animal Welfare - Content and Abstracts

Volume 4

To view an abstract from this issue select a link below:

Volume 4 Number 1

February 1995

  1. Zebra finch behaviour and effect of modest enrichment of standard cages. H Jacobs, N Smith, P Smith, L Smyth, P Yew, P Saibaba and J Hau
  2. Welfare aspects of the commercial slaughter of whales. S C Kestin
  3. Factors influencing pig deaths during transit: an analysis of drivers' reports. T A Abbott, H J Guise, E J Hunter, R H C Penny, P J Baynes and C Easby
  4. Environmental enrichment for laying hens - spherical objects in the feed trough. C M Sherwin
  5. Some factors affecting resting behaviour of sheep in slaughterhouse lairages after transport from farms. A M Jarvis and M S Cockram

Volume 4 Number 2

May 1995

  1. Welfare considerations with regard to transgenic animals. T B Poole
  2. Keeping circus elephants temporarily in paddocks - the effects on their behaviour. J Schmid
  3. Science, values and animal welfare: exploring the 'inextricable connection'. D Fraser
  4. Gerbils prefer partially darkened cages. F A R Van den Broek, H Klompmaker, R Bakker and A C Beynen
  5. The use of electricity to kill minke whales: humane considerations. H McLachlan
  6. A comparison of wooden slats and straw bedding on the behaviour of sheep. G D H Gordon and M S Cockram
  7. Environmentally enriched housing for cats when housed singly. G G Loveridge, L J Horrocks and A J Hawthorne

Volume 4 Number 3

August 1995

  1. Genetically modified animals, welfare and UK legislation. R Hubrecht
  2. Successful mother- and group-rearing of newborn capuchin monkey (Cebus capucinus) following emergency major surgery. J R Anderson, E Andre and P Wolf
  3. The welfare of free-living wild animals in Europe: harm caused by human activities. A W Sainsbury, P M Bennett and J K Kirkwood
  4. Effects of environmental enrichment on behaviour and productivity of growing pigs. V E Beattie, N Walker and I A Sneddon
  5. Restraint methods of laboratory non-human primates: a critical review. V Reinhardt, C Liss and C Stevens
  6. The importance of age/sex class relationships for captive-breeding - a review of Macropodoidea (kangroos, wallabies and rat-kangaroos) as a case study. U Ganslober
  7. A questionnaire survey of the correction methods for vaginal prolapse in ewes. P R Scott, N D Sargison, C D Penny and W D Strachan

Volume 4 Number 4

November 1995

  1. Welfare implications of the gas stunning of pigs 1. Determination of aversion to the initial inhalation of carbon dioxide or argon. A B M Raj and N G Gregory
  2. The condition and survival after release of captive-reared fox cubs. C P J Robertson and S Harris
  3. The behaviour after release of captive-reared fox cubs. C P J Robertson and S Harris
  4. Social housing or previously single-caged macaques: what are the options and the risks? V Reinhardt, C Liss and C Stevens
  5. Effects of lighting on heart rate and positional preferences during confinement in farmed red deer. J C Pollard and R P Littlejohn
  6. Salivary IgA: a possible stress marker in dogs. S Skandakumar, G Stodulski and J Hau
  7. Effect of human contact on heart rate of pigs. R geers, G Janssens, H Ville, E Bleus, H gerard, S Janssens and J Jourquin
  8. Preliminary evaluation of environmental enrichment techniques for African lions (Panthera leo). D M Powell

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