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Highlights from UFAW’s History

These are a very few examples of notable highlights in UFAW’s long history of achieving advances in animal welfare. A comprehensive history can be found in Science in the Service of Animal Welfare: A Chronicle of Eighty Years of UFAW.

See Animal Welfare Publications.


UFAW holds an international animal welfare symposium in Barcelona, its first outside the UK. Click here to go to the symposium webpage.



UFAW with the UFAW 3Rs Liaison Group funded a research studentship studying the development of in vitro assays for the early screening of TB vaccines to reduce animal use in this area.



UFAW through the SAWI fund supports a research studentship in animal welfare in Israel at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


german shepherd


UFAW published the Eighth Edition of UFAW Handbook on the Care and Management of Laboratory and other Research Animals.

UFAW published the fifth edition of the UFAW Handbook on the Care and Management of Farm Animals.

UFAW established a website to provide information on genetic welfare problems in companion animals.


A biannual ‘Recent Advances in Animal welfare’ conference series was established by UFAW to provide a forum for animal care staff and welfare professionals to share knowledge and practice.




In memory of Professor William Russell’s major contribution to UFAW’s work to improve the welfare of animals used in research, a new award, the Professor William Russell Fellowship was given to Dr Joseph Garner of Purdue University to research the ambient temperature preferences and bedding needs of mice used in research.

UFAW leaflet


A working group established by UFAW published best practice guidelines for the feeding of garden birds. Click here to go to the Garden Wildlife Health webpage



UFAW publication


The UFAW/Blackwell Animal Welfare Series of books is launched to provide an authoritative source of information on worldwide developments, current thinking and best practice in the field of animal welfare science and technology.

The first three titles were:
‘Environmental Enrichment for Captive Animals’ by Robert J Young
‘Physiology and Behaviour of Animal Suffering’ by Neville G Gregory
‘Animal Welfare Limping Towards Eden’ by John Webster



UFAW Symposium ‘Science in the Service of Animal Welfare’ held in April 2003 in Edinburgh

UFAW establishes the UFAW Link scheme, to encourage and promote animal welfare at academic institutions.


UFAW Symposium on ‘Consciousness Cognition and Animal Welfare’ held on 11-12 May 2000 at Zoological Society of London.



UFAW awarded the first of its Animal Welfare Research Training Scholarships, established to encourage high quality research likely to lead to major advances in animal welfare.



UFAW 3Rs Liaison Group (formerly PHHSC) established to encourage research into laboratory animal welfare.


Historic photo of founder


In commemoration of its founder, UFAW launched the Hume Fellowship in Animal Welfare.



UFAW Animal Welfare Journal


UFAW established the quarterly scientific and technical journal Animal Welfare which is now into Volume 24, and has a world wide distribution.




The first edition of ‘The UFAW Handbook on the Care and Management of Farm Animals’ was published in 1971. The Handbook is now in its fifth edition.


historic photo


The principles of the Three Rs - Replacement, Reduction and Refinement were developed by the UFAW Scholars, Professor William MS Russell and Rex Burch. The Three Rs have had a huge impact in improving the welfare of animals in research and are now used and accepted World-Wide.

The Three Rs were first presented at a UFAW symposium in 1957 entitled Humane Techniques in the Laboratory.

‘The Principles of Humane Experimental Technique’ was published in 1959.


The first ever laboratory animal handbook to improve the welfare of animals used in research was published by UFAW. The handbook is now in its eighth edition and is a leading publication in its area.