UFAW’S Journal Animal Welfare now PCI friendly

3 December 2020

UFAW’s respected and renowned Journal Animal Welfare will now consider articles recommended by Peer Community in Animal Science (PCI Animal Science).

PCI Animal Science is a community of researchers working in animal science who peer-review and recommend unpublished preprints publicly available from open archives.  Papers recommended by PCI Animal Science are “reliable, peer-reviewed and high-quality manuscripts that can be used and cited, like any other article published in a conventional journal”.

Animal Welfare publishes the results of peer-reviewed scientific research, technical studies and reviews relating to the welfare of animals.  It also includes letters to the editor, commentary on topical issues such as developments in legislation and codes of practice relating to animal welfare and book reviews.

As well as considering articles recommended by PCI Animal Science, Animal Welfare may use PCI reviews and recommendations for their own review processes, if appropriate.

UFAW Chief Executive and Editor-in-Chief of Animal Welfare, Dr Huw Golledge said “I’m very keen to ensure that Animal Welfare embraces modern trends in academic publishing such as preprints and I look forward to publishing our first paper which has come through the PCI Animal Science route.”

Further information on PCI Animal Science can be found here: Further information on Animal Welfare can be found here.