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25 February 2020

UFAW recently part-funded research which provided the first measurable evidence that dogs in meat farms are kept in conditions associated with poor welfare and identified the need for better welfare law to protect farmed dogs.

The study was carried out in South Korea, where it is estimated that over two and a half million dogs are eaten annually and the demand for dog meat is serviced by over 750,000 dog meat farms.  As the dogs are not legally classified as livestock, dog farming is largely unregulated and the welfare of the dogs unprotected. 

However, as a result of the scientific evidence, this could change.  The findings from this study could also inform those who consume dog meat of the potential long-term physiological suffering of these dogs, and could bring about a re-evaluation of the cultural beliefs regarding the consumption of dog meat.

We were able to fund this valuable research thanks to our members and supporters.  Please will you help us to fund more research like this which has a real impact and the potential to make a huge difference to not just one animal, but thousands.

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