UFAW-supported initiatives continue to forge advances in our understanding of animals

8 October 2018

The year in review – Annual Report 2017-18 now published

UFAW’s Annual Report has now been published and reviews a year which underpins the charity’s commitment to advancing our understanding of animals and what matters to them.  Over the course of the year, UFAW committed over £100,000 to benefit a wide range of animals from those in our gardens to primates and young dairy cattle. 

The charity has also continued to promote education in animal welfare through its LINKs scheme and initiatives such as providing free resources to veterinary schools in Central and South America.  In addition, UFAW’s animal welfare student scholar scheme, which encourages students to develop interests in animal welfare, has enabled students to carry out a diverse range of studies from the use of hair cortisol as a marker of chronic stress in Border collies, to the effectiveness of pain relief in sheep.

UFAW’s Chief Executive Dr Robert Hubrecht said: “We are extremely grateful to all of UFAW’s members and supporters who have shared our mission and vision.  The work outlined in the Annual Report is a testament to their generosity and ongoing support and it is through this dedication that we are able to continue to grow mankind’s knowledge and understanding of animals and what matters to them.”

You can download the 2017-18 Annual Report here  or request a printed copy by calling the office on 01582 831818.