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Cyril Kenneth Bird - Fougasse

24 January 2017

UFAW’s Chairman from 1949-1964 Cyril Kenneth Bird was the pseudonym of one of Britain’s most popular cartoonists, Fougasse, whose distinctive style was instantly recognisable. 

New information added

24 January 2017

UFAW is continuing to expand the content available on its website and the latest information to be added is a new section entitled ‘Why UFAW’s work is so important’.

UFAW's journal Animal Welfare reaches landmark issue

14 November 2016

Genetic Health Website Expanded

14 November 2016

More information on the welfare aspects of genetic diseases and conditions, what they are and why they cause pain or discomfort, is now available.

Fighting for Ferals

16 September 2016

Did you know that UFAW helped pave the way for the humane treatment of feral cats? 


14 September 2016

The year in review – Annual Report 2015-16 now published.

Nationwide Remember a Charity Awareness Week

14 September 2016

This year's annual Awareness Week (12th - 18th September) encourages people to consider leaving a charitable gift in their Will.

EU Referendum

24 June 2016

UFAW is an international scientific animal welfare organisation but is based within the UK. We do not believe that the UK EU referendum result will have any immediate effects on welfare legislation within the UK. The charity will however be keeping a very close eye on developments. UFAW will continue to work to ensure that existing good legislative provisions are maintained and that advances in animal welfare science become incorporated into UK and also international legislation. 

The 9 to 5 rodent: time for change?

24 May 2016

UFAW’S Senior Scientific Programme Manager Dr Huw Golledge will be giving a presentation at the Measuring Behaviour symposium in Dublin on the 27th of May which will be looking at the animal welfare implications associated with studying the behaviour of laboratory rats and mice and disturbing them when they would normally be asleep. 

UFAW International Symposium 2017

15 May 2016

Measuring animal welfare and applying scientific advances - Why is it still so difficult?

27-29th June 2017