UFAW Hume Animal Welfare Research Fellowship

This Fellowship is currently closed for application. When available, invitation to apply will be announced.

Initiated in 2001, the Hume Animal Welfare Research Fellowship scheme promotes high quality science with the aim of substantial advances to animal welfare. The award is made on an occasional basis to support post-doctoral research.

UFAW particularly encourages applications in the following fields:

  • development of methodologies aimed at elucidation of the neurological basis of sentience in animals
  • developments in approaches to alleviating welfare problems in farmed, companion and/or laboratory animals through  breeding
  • developments in detection and alleviation of pain
  • developments of methods of welfare assessment

UFAW does not wish to exclude potentially valuable projects in other aspects of animal welfare science and applications for work in other areas will also be considered.

Applicants must be postdoctoral scientists, or expect to have gained their doctorate prior to taking up the Fellowship. Funding for the second and third years’ work will depend upon evidence of satisfactory progress during the preceding year. Both the quality and the value for money of the proposed work will be considered when judging the applications.

Further information about the UFAW Hume Animal Welfare Research Fellowship