Animal Welfare Student Scholars Meeting 2019

cartoonWednesday 11th December 2019
University of Edinburgh

The Roslin Institute, College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine, Easter

Featuring talks by students who undertook UFAW & HSA* Student Scholarships in 2019


Topics of talks include:

  • Social bonds in pigs and their effect on health and welfare
  • Pre-purchase motivations of dog owners and those who have had to relinquish their dog
  • To determine current implementation of stress reducing practices during the consulting experience for UK canine and feline veterinary outpatients
  • Validating heart rate variability and behavioural changes as an indicator of affective state using the judgement bias test in dairy cattle
  • To range or not to range – Exploratory behaviour in chickens
  • Comparing health and welfare of pigs farmed in conventional systems and in organic systems with no access to outdoors

Talks will last approximately 15 minutes.  10.30am – 4.00 pm. Refreshments provided


For further information and to register, please contact Dr Stephen Wickens,


*UFAW’s sister charity, the Humane Slaughter Association.