UFAW Animal Welfare Research Award

(up to £50,000)


UFAW is making available an award of up to £50,000 to support innovative research in animal welfare science. The
award can be used to support research activities anywhere in the world which are aimed at advancing animal welfare or improving our understanding of animal welfare challenges.

The award can be used to support research into welfare of any animal species, including farm, zoo, companion,
laboratory and wild or feral animals, where this is affected by human activities. Laudable as we think conservation is,
UFAW does not fund research where the sole or primary aim is species conservation.

UFAW is particularly interested in applications that address the following challenges:

  • development of approaches to eliminate or alleviate significant welfare problems in farmed animals
  • development of methodologies aimed at elucidation of the neurological basis of sentience in animals
  • methods of welfare/quality of life assessment, including detection and alleviation of pain, distress and cumulative lifetime experience 
  • development of methods for humane pest control
  • research aimed at improving the welfare of fish – especially those farmed or caught for food

Applications for innovative work in other areas of animal welfare science will also be welcomed. The award can be used to cover research costs, salaries, student stipends or any combination thereof.

Applications will be accepted from:

• Any academic institutions within the British Isles which can grant a doctoral degree
• Institutions outside the British Isles which can grant a doctoral degree and which have a UFAW LINK (see www.ufaw.org.uk for details).

Application Procedure

Application for this award will be a two-stage process. Initially, applicants are asked to submit a brief Concept Note (complete with curriculum vitae(s) and publications lists) by 29th November 2018 using the  form below. Following assessment of Concept Notes, selected applicants will be invited (by mid-December 2018) to submit detailed proposals (deadline for receipt of full applications  is likely to be late January 2019). (NB an invitation to submit a detailed proposal is not a guarantee that the project will be funded).

Detailed proposals will be peer-reviewed and reviewer comments will normally be shared with applicants to allow them to respond prior to final selection of the successful application. The panel may also call short-listed applicants for interview before making an award.

UFAW hopes to be able to announce a successful applicant by the end of March 2019.