Autumn Appeal 2020

Please help us fund ground-breaking animal welfare research

One of the ways in which we support animal welfare around the world is by funding essential research - but we receive far more outstanding and deserving calls for funding than we can support.  We need your help to continue to discover what really matters to animals and to use and share that knowledge to improve their welfare.  As you can read in the Annual Report, we are currently funding research which will assess how important flight is to captive parrots, what constitutes good welfare for farmed hens and whether we can tell if a pig is happy from its saliva. 

We’ve also just part-funded a study which aims to help us understand the impact of “bycatch” (capture of non-target species) - the primary threat and cause of death for marine mammals, particularly common dolphin, harbour porpoise and grey seals, in the southwest of the UK. 

Please can you help us to do more with a donation?  Your gift, large or small, has the potential to be far reaching and make a real difference to thousands of animals.  


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