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The UFAW Handbook on the Care and Management of Laboratory and Other Research Animals, 8th Edition

Editors R Hubrecht & J Kirkwood, Various authors

The UFAW Handbook of lab animalsThe definitive work on practical husbandry, breeding, laboratory procedures and disease control for a wide variety of vertebrates from marine fish to non-human primates. Edited by Robert Hubrecht and James Kirkwood. Published by Wiley-Blackwell. April 2010. 848 pages. Hardback. ISBN 9781405175234, £242.00.

UFAW members are entitled to a 35% discount off all books in the UFAW Wiley book series and off virtually all other Wiley books.  If you are a member please contact the UFAW office for the discount code (tel +44 (0) 1582 831818 or email ufaw@ufaw.org.uk).  If you would like to become a member you can join online or download a membership application form


About the editors

At the time of publication

Robert Hubrecht BSc PhD CBiol FIBiol is Deputy Scientific Director of the Universities Federation for Animal Welfare (UFAW).

James Kirkwood BVSc PhD CBiol FIBiol MRCVS is Chief Executive and Scientific Director of UFAW. 


"It is evident that ANYONE involved in animal experiment research whether veterinarian, veterinary technician or laboratory technician, needs exposure to this resource. While Part 2 demonstrates unique information to individual species and can be utilized accordingly, Part 1 is significant in teaching ideologies in animal welfare and provides detailed guidelines for any practice, facility or organization. All encompassing, it is a significant resource that proves to move animal welfare in the right direction and guide the global research community in ethical care of animals for both the sake of animals, better science, and future advancements."
VSPN, 2011

"In summary, this is a must-have book for those working with research animals. However, it is much more than that: the principles of thoughtful use and care of animals are widely applicable to other veterinary relationships too, whether pet, farm or zoo animals. I recommend it to vets, nurses and students with an interest in and concern for the ethical use of all non-human animals."
The Veterinary Record, 2011

"And this perfect balance between theory and practice continues throughout the volume both in the broad introductory chapters and the species-specific sections. In summary this is an excellent addition to UFAW's seminal collection of animal welfare texts."
Veterinary Practice, 2010


Please note: This publication is only available from Wiley-Blackwell

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UFAW/Wiley-Blackwell titles can also be ordered online at www.wiley.com/go/ufaw

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