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Animal Welfare - Content and Abstracts

Volume 8

To view an abstract from this issue select a link below:

Volume 8 Number 1

February 1999

  1. Travel sickness and meat quality in pigs. R H Bradshaw, J M Randall, M L Forsling, R Rodway, J A Goode, S N Brown, and D M Broom
  2. Socialization and stress in cats (Felis silvestris catus) housed singly and in groups in animal shelters. M R Kessler and D C Turner
  3. Transport stress and exercise hyperthermia recorded in sheep by radiotelemetry. R F ParrottÜ, D M Lloyd and D Brow
  4. Part-time fostering by a pair of Black and White Ruffed Lemurs (Varecia variegata variegata). F J Kerridge
  5. Influence of dry feed supplements on different parameters of welfare in veal calves. J P Morisse, J P Cotte, D Huonnic and A Martrenchar
  6. Methods for measuring feeding motivation in sheep. R E Jackson, N K Waran and M S Cockram

Volume 8 Number 2

May 1999

  1. Sources of sound in the laboratory animal environment: a survey of the sounds produced by procedures and equipment. G D Sales, S R Milligan and K Khirnykh
  2. Behavioural effects of social mixing at different stocking densities in prepubertal lambs. J L Ruiz-de-la-Torre and X Manteca
  3. Behaviour and preferences among deep litters in captive capuchin monkeys (Cebus capucinus). E Ludes-Fraulob and J R Anderson
  4. Effects of a 15h journey followed by either 12h starvation or ad libitum hay on the behaviour and blood chemistry of sheep. M S Cockram, J E Kent, N K Waran, I M McGilp, R E Jackson, J R Amory, E L Southall, T O";Riordan, T I McConnell and B S Wilkins
  5. The effect of hay on the behaviour of caged rabbits (Oryctolagus cuniculus). H Berthelsen and L T Hansen
  6. Can ";environmental enrichment"; affect domestic chickens"; preferences for one half of an otherwise symmetrical home cage? R B Jones and N L Carmichael

Volume 8 Number 3

August 1999

  1. Preferences of growing fowls for different light intensities in relation to age, strain and behaviour. N J Davis, N B Prescott, C J Savory and C M Wathe
  2. The welfare of farmed mink (Mustela vison) in relation to housing and management: a review. A J Nimon and D M Broom.
  3. The effects of 24h water deprivation when associated with some aspects of transportation on the behaviour and blood chemistry of sheep. R E Jackson, M S Cockram, P J Goddard, O M Doherty, I M McGilp and N K Waran
  4. Social behaviour and injuries of horned cows in loose housing systems. C Menke, S Waiblinger, D W F...;lsch and P R Wiepkema
  5. Effects of density and cage size on stress in domestic cats (Felis silvestris catus) housed in animal shelters and boarding catteries. M R Kessler and D C Turner
  6. Influence of environmental enrichment on aggressive behaviour and dominance relationships in growing pigs. N E O";Connell and V E Beattie
  7. Allowing captive marmosets to choose the size and position of their nest box. G R Hosey, M Jacques and M Burton

Volume 8 Number 4

November 1999

  1. Staying good while playing god ­ the ethics of breeding farm animals. P Sandøe, B L Nielsen, L G Christensen, and P Sørensen
  2. Some practical solutions to welfare problems in dog breeding. P D McGreevy and F W Nicholas.
  3. Genetic selection for poultry behaviour: big bad wolf or friend in need? R B Jones and P M Hocking
  4. Strain-specific effects of cage enrichment in male laboratory mice (Mus musculus). C M Nevison, J L Hurst and C J Barnard
  5. Tower of Babel: variation in ethical approaches, concepts of welfare and attitudes to genetic manipulation. M C Appleby
  6. A breeding goal to improve the welfare of sheep. D R Scobie, A R Bray and D O";Connell
  7. Should you clone your dog? An animal rights perspective on somacloning. G Varner
  8. The welfare problems associated with using transgenic mice to bioassay for bovine spongiform encephalopathy. E S Jenkins and R D Combes
  9. Score sheets for the monitoring of transgenic mice. C Mertens and T Rülicke

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