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Animal Welfare - Content and Abstracts

Volume 11

To view an abstract from this issue select a link below:

Volume 11 Number 1

February 2002

  1. The push-door for measuring motivation in hens: an adaptation and a critical discussion of the method. I A S Olsson, L J Keeling and T M McAdie
  2. The push-door for measuring motivation in hens: laying hens are motivated to perch at 9; night. I A S Olsson and L J Keeling
  3. The ability of cattle to distinguish between, and their preference for, floors with 9; different levels of friction, and their avoidance of floors contaminated with excreta. C J C Phillips and I D Morris
  4. Assessing pain in animals. 9; K M D Rutherford
  5. Welfare of male and female broiler chickens in relation to stocking density, as 9; indicated by performance, health and behaviour. 9; J A McLean, C J Savory and N H C Sparks
  6. Effect of access to roughage and shelter on selected behavioural indicators of welfare. 9; in pigs housed in a complex environment. A W Olsen, H B Simonsen and L Dybkj

Short Communication

  1. Dehydration and lameness in a broiler flock. A Butterworth, C A Weeks, P R Crea and S C Kestin
  2. Rapid behavioural adjustments to unfavourable light conditions in European starling. (Sturnus vulgaris) S A Maddocks, A T D Bennett and I C Cuthill

Technical Contribution

  1. The effect of transport on core and peripheral body temperatures and heart rare of sheep.J R Ingram, C J Cook and P J Harris

Volume 11 Number 2

May 2002

  1. The ethical review process in the UK and Australia: the Australian experience of improved dialogue and communication. R H Bradshaw
  2. The welfare implications of shepherding during lambing in extensive New Zealand farming systems. M W Fisher and D J Mellor
  3. Regulation of free-roaming cat (Felis silvestris catus) populations: a survey of the literature and its application to Israel. I Gunther and J Terkel
  4. Effects of browse, human visitors and noise on the behaviour of captive orang utans. L Birke
  5. Behavioural responses to castration in lambs. P D Thornton and A E Waterman-Pearson
  6. A comparison of the activity budgets of wild and captive Sulawesi crested black macaques (Macaca nigra). V A Melfi and A T C Feistner
  7. Behavioural and physiological responses of suckling lambs to transport and lairage. M Ib·Òez, J De la Fuente, J Thos and E Gonz·lez de Chavarri
  8. Stereotypic behaviour and tail biting in farmed mink (Mustela vison) in a new housing system. C M Vinke, N C Eenkhoorn, W J Netto, P C J Fermont and B M Spruijt

Volume 11 Number 3

August 2002

  1. Methods used to kill fish: field observations and literature reviewed. D H F Robb and S C Kestin
  2. Philosophical debate on the nature of well-being: implications for animal welfare. M C Appleby and P Sand¯e
  3. Relationship between rooting behaviour and foraging in growing pigs. V E Beattie and N E OíConnell
  4. An examination of some physiological variables for assessing the welfare of  beef cattle in feedlots. S C Wilson, L R Fell, I G Colditz and D P Collins
  5. The influence of length of time in a rescue shelter on the behaviour of kennelled dogs. D L Wells, L Graham and P G Hepper
  6. Rats demand social contact. E G Patterson-Kane, M Hunt and D Harper
  7. Assessment of return to consciousness after electrical stunning in lambs. A Velarde, J L Ruiz-de-la-Torre, C RosellÛ, E Fýbrega, A Diestre and X Manteca

Short Communication

  1. Comments from the AZA Contraception Advisory Group on evaluating the suitability of contraceptive methods in golden-headed lion tamarins (Leontopithecus chrysomelas). K E DeMatteo, I J Porton and C S Asa

Volume 11 Number 4

November 2002

  1. Pituitary-adrenal activation in pre-parturient pigs (Sus scrofa) is associated with behavioural restriction due to lack of space rather than nesting substrate. S Jarvis, S K Calvert, J Stevenson, N vanLeeuwen and A B Lawrence
  2. The influence of auditory stimulation on the behaviour of dogs housed in a rescue shelter. D L Wells, L Graham and P G Hepper
  3. Oral administration of a 12% sucrose solution did not decrease behavioural indicators of distress in piglets undergoing tail docking, teeth clipping and ear notching. J S Rand, G J Noonan, J Priest, J Ainscow and J K Blackshaw
  4. Transport stress in roe deer (Capreolus capreolus): effect of a short-acting antipsychotic. J MontanÈ, I Marco, J LÛpez-Olvera, X Manteca and S LavÌn
  5. Early life experiences: activity levels and abnormal behaviours in resocialised chimpanzees. J E Martin
  6. Childhood experiences and attitudes towards animal issues: a comparison of young adults in Japan and the UK. A Miura, J W S Bradshaw and H Tanida

Short Communication

  1. Effect of the halothane gene on pre-slaughter mortality in two Spanish   commercial pig abattoirs. E Fýbrega, A Diestre, D CarriÛn, J Font and X Manteca

Technical Contribution

  1. Animal welfare and ethics evaluations in South East Asian zoos: procedures and prospects. G Agoramoorthy

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