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Animal Welfare - Content and Abstracts

Volume 10

To view an abstract from this issue select a link below:

Volume 10 Number 1

February 2001

  1. The use of nose-rings in pigs: consequences for rooting, other functional activities, and welfare. R I Horrell, P J A'Ness, S A Edwards and J C Eddison
  2. The effect of stocking density on the welfare and behaviour of broiler chickens reared commercially. A L Hall
  3. The welfare of farmed mink (Mustela vison) in relation to behavioural selection: a review. J Malmkvist and S W Hansen
  4. Environmental enrichment reduces the performance of stereotypic circling behaviour in captive common seals (Phoca vitulina). J A E Grindrod and J A Cleaver
  5. A novel operant conditioning test to determine whether dairy cows dislike passageways that are dark or covered with excreta. C J C Phillips and I D Morris
  6. Reducing equine stereotypies using an Equiball. J V Henderson and N K Waran

Technical Contribution

  1. A non-invasive system for remotely monitoring heart rate in free-ranging ungulates. J V Gedir

Volume 10 Number 2

May 2001

  1. The occurrence of tail tip alterations in fattening bulls kept under different husbandry conditions. L Schrader, H-R Roth, C Winterling, N Brodmann, W Langhans, H Geyer and B Graf
  2. The effects of light intensity and light source on injuries due to pecking of male domestic turkeys (Meleagris gallopavo). C Moinard, P D Lewis, G C Perry and C M Sherwin
  3. A comparison of commonly used ear tags on the ear damage of sheep. D S Edwards, A M Johnston and D U Pfeiffer
  4. Wire-floor pens as an alternative to metallic cages in fattening rabbits: influence on some welfare traits. A Martrenchar, E Boilletot, J-P Cotte and J-P Morisse
  5. Effect of milk source on welfare and weight gain of lambs. A Sevi, F Napolitano, D Casamassima and S Dell'Aquila
  6. The putative welfare-reducing effects of preventing equine stereotypic  behaviour. S D McBride and D Cuddeford

Technical Contribution

  1. A non-invasive system for remotely monitoring heart rate in free-ranging ungulates. J V Gedir

Volume 10 Number 3

August 2001

  1. The welfare of farmed foxes Vulpes vulpes and Alopex lagopus in relation to housing and management: a review. A J Nimon and D M Broom
  2. Feeding gum arabic to New World monkeys: species differences and palatability. S Herron, E Price and D Wormell
  3. The effect of exercise deprivation on the behaviour and physiology of straight stall confined pregnant mares. K Houpt, T R Houpt, J L Johnson, H N Erb and S C Yeon
  4. Behavioural reactions, semen quality and testosterone levels in cocks: genetic implications. V Ferrante, M Verga, M G Mangiagalli and C Carenzi
  5. The effect of increasing dietary fibre on feeding, rumination and oral stereotypies in captive giraffes (Giraffa camelopardalis). E Baxter and A B Plowman
  6. Intra-abdominal transmitter implantation in mice: effects on behaviour and body weight. V Baumans, J A Bouwknecht, H Boere, K Kramer, H A van Lith, H A van de Weerd and H van Herck
  7. The welfare impact of increased gavaging doses in rats. L Alban, P J Dahl, A K Hansen, K C Hejgaard, A L Jensen, M Kragh, P Thomsen and P Steensgaard

Short Communication

  1. Some comments on the review of Nimon and Broom on the welfare of farmed mink. C M Vinke

Volume 10 Number 4

November 20001

  1. The effect of a ‘Freedom Food’ enrichment on the behaviour of broilers on commercial farms. A Kells, M S Dawkins and M Cortina Borja
  2. Introduction of foreign female Asian elephants (Elephas maximus) into an existing group: behavioural reactions and changes in cortisol levels. J Schmid, M Heistermann, U Gansloßer and J K Hodges
  3. The effects of elevated platforms and concealment screens on the welfare of blue foxes. J Mononen, S Kasanen, M Harri, J Sepponen and T Rekilä
  4. Lower-row caging in a two-tiered housing system does not affect the behaviour of young, singly housed rhesus macaques. S J Schapiro and M Bloomsmith
  5. Preferences of housed finishing beef cattle for different floor types. D E Lowe, R W J Steen and V E Beattie
  6. Deflighting procedures and their welfare implications in captive birds. H Hesterman, N G Gregory and W S J Boardman
  7. The effects of intrusion on the behaviour of caged laboratory rats (Rattus norvegicus): consequences for welfare. R Barclay

Short Communication

  1. The behavioural repertoire of non-breeding group-housed female laboratory rabbits (Oryctolagus cuniculus).S D E Held, R J Turner and R J Wootton

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