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Animal Welfare - Content and Abstracts

Volume 1

To view an abstract from this issue select a link below:

Volume 1 Number 1

February 1992

  1. Bullfighting and animal welfare. F O Odberg
  2. The emotional brain. P R Wiepkema and J M Koolhaas
  3. Behavioural responses of park red and fallow deer to disturbance and effects on population performance. J Langbein and R J Putman
  4. The use of artificial turf as a foraging substrate for individually housed rhesus monkeys (Macaca mulatta). K Baynes, S Dexter, H Mainzer, C McCully, G Campbell and F Yamada
  5. Reactions of cattle to head restraint at stunning. R Ewbank, M J Parker and C W Mason

Volume 1 Number 2

May 1992

  1. The use of analogous reasoning for assessing discomfort in laboratory animals. F R Stafleu, E Rivas, T Rivas, J Vorstenbosch, F R Heeger and A C Benyen
  2. Observations of cattle restraint devices for stunning and slaughtering. T Grandin
  3. Indicators of physiological stress in broiler chickens during road transportation. M A Mitchell, P J Kettlewell and M H Maxwell
  4. Group housing and enrichment cages for breeding, fattening and laboratory rabbits. M Stauffacher
  5. Comparing two manipulable objects as enrichment for captive chimpanzees. J D Pruetz and M A Bloomsmith

Volume 1 Number 3

August 1992

  1. Communication between rats of experiment-induced stress and its impact on experimental results. A C Beynen
  2. Woodchip bedding as enrichment for captive chimpanzees in an outdoor enclosure. L Brent
  3. The behaviour of dogs in a rescue shelter. D Wells and P G Hepper
  4. The significance of fowls' bathing in dust. D W van Liere
  5. The nature and evolution of behavioural needs in mammals. T B Poole

Volume 1 Number 4

November 1992

  1. Pain in birds. M J Gentle
  2. In-homecage blood collection from conscious stumptailed macaques. V Reinhardt and D Cowley
  3. Assessing animal welfare: where does science end and philosophy begin? P Sandoe and H B Simonsen
  4. Behavioural responses of laying hens to carriage on horizontal and inclined conveyors. G B Scott and P Moran
  5. An enrichment device for great apes. I Gilloux, J Gurnell and D Shepherdson
  6. Police prosecutions and badger persecution in England and Wales. H I Griffiths

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