ANIMAL WELFARE, Volume 22 Issue 1 February 2013

A report of capture myopathy in the Tasmanian pademelon (Thylogale billardierii). CR McMahon, NL Wiggins, V French, HI McCallum and DMJS Bowman

Killing wild geese with carbon dioxide or a mixture of carbon dioxide and argon. MA Gerritzen, HGM Reimert, A Lourens, MBM Bracke and MTW Verhoeven

Behavioural responses of Argentine coastal dusky dolphins (Lagenorhynchus obscurus) to a biopsy pole system. R Loizaga de Castro, AR Hoelzel and EA Crespo

Measuring faecal glucocorticoid metabolites as a non-invasive tool for monitoring adrenocortical activity in South American camelids. N Arias, M Requena and R Palme

Public attitudes towards grief in animals. N McGrath, J Walker, D Nilsson and C Phillips

Rating harms to wildlife: a survey showing convergence between conservation and animal welfare views. S Dubois and D Fraser

The welfare of laying hens in conventional cages and alternative systems: first steps towards a quantitative comparison. R Freire and A Cowling

Effects of developmental history on the behavioural responses of European starlings (Sturnus vulgaris) to laboratory husbandry. K Jayne, G Feenders and M Bateson

The effect of pre-stun shocks in electrical water-bath stunners on carcase and meat quality in broilers. MA Rao, TG Knowles and SB Wotton

Assessment time of the Welfare Quality® protocol for dairy cattle. M de Vries, B Engel, I den Uijl, G van Schaik, T Dijkstra, IJM de Boer and EAM Bokkers

Assessing the safety of collars used to attach predation deterrent devices and ID tags to pet cats. MC Calver, G Adams, W Clark and KH Pollock

Introduction and overview. J Toole, C Bass and G Carder

Whaling and whale killing methods. CL Bass and P Brakes

Responsible whale watching and whale welfare. MA Iñíguez

Welfare of whales by-caught in fishing gear or struck by vessels. MJ Moore

The science of animal welfare and its relevance to whales. DM Broom

The value of animal welfare data collection: a case study on whaling operations. V Papastavrou

Animal ethics and the work of the International Whaling Commission. R Garner

Animal research ethics, legislation and practice and their application to scientific whaling. DJ Fry

Animal welfare: emerging trends in legislation. C Brown

Animal welfare and intergovernmental organisations: the role of intergovernmental organisations such as the OIE in animal welfare. KE Littin, A Sheridan, CB Johnson and ACD Bayvel

Potential directions for the IWC to address the conservation and welfare challenges faced by cetacean species. SR Harrop

Wild animal welfare. JK Kirkwood

Human-wildlife interactions: the importance and benefits of effective training. J Lane and V Jackson



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