ANIMAL WELFARE, Volume 21 Issue 1 February 2012


Motivation for cribbing by horses. KA Houpt

The post-release fate of hand-reared orphaned bats: survival and habitat selection. MT Serangeli, L Cistrone, L Ancillotto, A Tomassini and D Russo

Effects of human handling during early rearing on the behaviour of dairy calves. KE Schütz, M Hawke, JR Waas, LM McLeay, EAM Bokkers, CG van Reenen, JR Webster and M Stewart

Further evidence for post-release survival of hand-reared, orphaned bats based on radio-tracking and ring-return data. A Kelly, S Goodwin, A Grogan and F Mathews

Aversion to nitrogen and carbon dioxide mixtures for stunning pigs. P Llonch, A Dalmau, P Rodríguez, X Manteca and A Velarde

The effect of group size and stocking density on the welfare and performance of hens housed in furnished cages during summer. YY Guo, ZG Song, HC Jiao, QQ Song and H Lin

Current use of and attitudes towards identification in cats and dogs in veterinary clinics in Oklahoma City, USA. MR Slater, E Weiss and LK Lord

A review of scientific literature on inherited disorders in domestic horse breeds. CD Bettley, JM Cardwell, LM Collins and L Asher

Measuring the success of a farm animal welfare education event. J Jamieson, MJ Reiss, D Allen, L Asher, CM Wathes and SM Abeyesinghe

Assessing the welfare of dairy calves: outcome-based measures of calf health versus input-based measures of the use of risky management practices. E Vasseur, D Pellerin, AM de Passillé, C Winckler, BJ Lensink, U Knierim and J Rushen

Students’ attitudes to animal welfare and rights in Europe and Asia. CJC Phillips, S Izmirli, SJ Aldavood, M Alonso, BI Choe, A Hanlon, A Handziska, G Illmann, L Keeling, M Kennedy, GH Lee, V Lund, C Mejdell, VR Pelagic and T Rehn

The effect of investigator disturbance on egg laying, chick survival and fledging mass of short-tailed shearwaters (Puffinus tenuirostris) and little penguins (Eudyptula minor). C Vertigan, CR McMahon, V Andrews-Goff and MA Hindell

Alternative housing systems for fattening bulls under Austrian conditions with special respect to rubberised slatted floors. C Rouha-Muelleder, E Absmanner, E Kahrer, H Zeiner, T Scharl, F Leisch, C Stanek and J Troxler

The effect of keel fractures on egg-production parameters, mobility and behaviour in individual laying hens. MAF Nasr, J Murrell, LJ Wilkins and CJ Nicol




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