Supporting UFAW

You Can Make a Difference!

By supporting UFAW you can help make real, practical and lasting advances to animal welfare throughout the world - for companion animals, farm animals, animals used in research, captive wild animals and those living in the wild that are affected by human activities.


Through scientific work that builds our knowledge and understanding of animals’ needs and how best we can meet them, through educational projects, and through the disseminating of information to individuals and organisations around the world - you can help improve the lives of animals.

UFAW is an independent registered charity and receives no funds from universities or government. UFAW relies on donations, member subscriptions and legacies to continue this vital work.

Your support is greatly appreciated!

Ways you can help:

Become a Member

By becoming a UFAW member you not only support the charity’s aims and objectives of advancing animal welfare but also receive a range of member benefits.

To find out more and download an application form click here

Get involved through University Links - a network of members and supporters at colleges and universities around the UK.

Click here for more information.

Make a Donation

Large or small, your donation means a great deal to the lives of many animals. There are several ways you can make a donation, including online. Click here

Donate on-line

You can now donate to UFAW on-line via PayPal. Click the Donate button below to make your donation


UFAW Policy Statement relating to donations, sponsorship, membership subscriptions and agreements relating to these

Leave a Legacy

Legacies are extremely important to UFAW. Over the years the charity’s work has only been possible because of the support of people who leave a lasting gift to the future of animal welfare.

A step-by-step guide to leaving a legacy to UFAW is available for viewing or download here.

Alternatively, we’ll be pleased to send you a printed copy. Phone UFAW on 01582 831818, fax 01582 831414 or email

Support the UFAW SAWI Fund for animal welfare in Israel

The UFAW SAWI Fund is exclusively devoted to animal welfare in Israel.

To find out more about this Fund click here.

To make a donation to the UFAW SAWI Fund click here.

If you would like information on leaving a legacy to the UFAW SAWI Fund please contact the UFAW office on 01582 831818, fax 01582 831414, email


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