UFAW Programmes

UFAW Research and Education Grants and Awards

One of UFAW's priorities is to promote and support high quality science that will lead to substantial advances in animal welfare, and to promote education in animal welfare - particularly at the university and college level.

A lack of knowledge and understanding of animals' environmental and psychological needs, and how these can be recognised and met, remains greater than is often assumed. A great deal of both fundamental and applied research remains to be done in these areas.

Awards are made to support a wide range of project types:

  • Hume Animal Welfare Research Fellowships
  • Research Training Scholarships
  • Vacation Scholarships
  • Small Project and Travel Awards
  • Research and Major Project Awards
  • UFAW 3Rs Liaison Group Research Studentships (formerly PHHSC)
  • Wild Animal Welfare Awards

For details of grants and awards and application forms Click here

Examples of funded projects can be seen in the Annual Report

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Together with the need for greater understanding of animals' needs, the need for skill and experience in detecting physical and psychological aspects of poor welfare is at the root of many animal welfare problems. Much can be done to overcome this through education.

In addition to the Vacation Scholarships and Research Training Scholarships for university and college students, UFAW promotes animal welfare education in a variety of ways, including:

  • Publication of the quarterly scientific journal Animal Welfare.
  • Publication of reports, handbooks, videos and books (including the UFAW/Blackwells Animal Welfare Series).
  • Running workshops and symposia.
  • Lecturing at universities and colleges.
  • Providing financial support for other national and international initiatives.
  • Operating the UFAW University Links Scheme - a network of links in universities and colleges aimed at promoting interest and activity in animal welfare science.

For Animal Welfare Journal Click here
For details of Publications Click here
For more information on educational initiatives and recent activities see the UFAW 2006-2007 Annual Report Available here

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Advice, Information and Consultancies

UFAW provides information and advice on aspects of biology, management, health, behaviour and ethics relating to the welfare of domestic and wild animals to government departments, non-governmental organisations, universities and others.

UFAW is consulted on draft legislation, guidelines and codes of practice relating to animal welfare.

UFAW staff serve on national and international advisory committees and working groups including the:

  • Animal Procedures Committee
  • Zoos Forum
  • Companion Animal Welfare Council
  • National Centre for the 3Rs (NC3Rs) Board

...and run meetings and workshops on a wide range of welfare topics.

Major international symposia are also organised. The last was the UFAW/BVA ‘Quality of Life - The Heart of the Matter’ Symposium held at the Royal Society, London in September 2006.

Further examples and details of UFAW's advice, information and consultancy work can be seen in the UFAW Annual Report. To view and download the latest edition Click here

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UFAW 3Rs Liaison Group (formerly PHHSC)

The UFAW 3Rs Liaison Group (formerly PHHSC) was established by UFAW in order to fund animal welfare research within the pharmaceutical production and testing industry. The Committee comprises representatives of animal welfare organisations, pharmaceutical companies and research organisations.

For more information about the UFAW 3Rs Liaison Group and its work Click here

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Promoting Animal Welfare in Israel

The UFAW SAWI Fund has evolved from the Society for Animal Welfare in Israel, once a charitable organisation in its own right and now an integral part of UFAW.

The aim of the Fund is to support and promote scientific and educational initiatives for the advancement of animal welfare in Israel.

For more information about the UFAW SAWI Fund and its activities Click here

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The Garden Birds Health Initiative (GBHi)

This programme was formed from a Working Group established by UFAW in 2003 with the aim of publishing science-based best practice guidelines on feeding garden birds (now available, see the Garden Birds Health Initiative section on this website) and to promote research into the impact on their welfare of the supplementary feeding of garden birds, including disease prevention, and their conservation. The first phase of this research is now underway under the coordination of the Institute of Zoology.

The Group includes representatives from the Institute of Zoology, the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO), Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB), Liverpool University, the Scottish Agricultural College, CJ WildBird Foods Limited, Gardman Limited, Cranswick Pet Products, Jacobi Jayne & Co., the Birdcare Standards Association and the Department of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra).

For more information about the Garden Birds Health Initiative Click here

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