Grants & Awards

One of UFAW’s top priorities is to promote and support high quality science that will lead to substantial advances in animal welfare, and promoting education in animal welfare - particularly at university and college level.

Lack of knowledge and understanding of animals’ environmental and psychological needs, and how these can be recognised and met, remains greater than is often assumed. A great deal of both fundamental and applied research remains to be done in these areas.

Awards are made to support a wide range of project types:

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UFAW occasionally makes substantial awards (over 3,500) for research or other animal welfare projects through its Research and Project Awards scheme.

UFAW makes a limited number of awards to support travel in connection with advancing animal welfare, and makes a number of other small awards (up to 3,500) to support welfare research or other projects through its Small Project and Travel Awards scheme.

The UFAW Animal Welfare Student Scholarship (formerly the Vacation Scholarship) scheme is designed to encourage and train undergraduates in animal welfare science.

The UFAW Young Animal Welfare Scientist of the Year Award is a prize award to recognise the achievements of young scientists who have made significant contributions to improving the welfare of animals.


The UFAW Medal for Outstanding Contributions to Animal Welfare Science is a prize award to recognise the exceptional achievements of an individual scientist who has made fundamental contributions to the advancement of animal welfare over a number of years.

Commemmorating the life and work of Professor William Russell, the Professor William Russell Research Fellowship will support high quality postdoctoral research that will lead to significant international advances in knowledge or application of one or more of the Three Rs.

The Hume Animal Welfare Research Fellowship and the Research Training Scholarship are substantial awards given on an occasional basis as funds permit.

The Wild Animal Welfare Award is an annual prize to recognize innovations which are relevant to improving the welfare of captive wild animals, or which alleviate or prevent anthropogenic (human-induced) harm to animals in the wild.

The Companion Animal Welfare Award is a prize award to recognise significant innovations or advances for the welfare of companion animals.

In 1998 UFAW established the UFAW 3Rs Liaison Group (formerly the Pharmaceutical Housing and Husbandry Steering Committee)  to fund research into the needs of laboratory animals by funding Research Studentships.

The UFAW/SAWI Fund for the Promotion of Animal Welfare in Israel is a restricted fund within UFAW which provides Scholarships for Animal Welfare Science Education Research and Project Awards, Small Project and Travel Awards and Animal Welfare Student Scholarships. This fund is used to promote the welfare of animals in Israel. Applications should be made using the appropriate UFAW grant forms.