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UFAW International Animal Welfare Science Symposium

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain

4-5th July 2013

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Recent advances in animal welfare science III

UFAW Animal Welfare Conference



21st June 2012

York Merchant Adventurers' Hall

The field of animal welfare is a cross-disciplinary area of study that is attracting increasing interest and funding and being asked to guide and inform legislation and practice relating to the use of animals. Much, however, still remains to be understood. As part of its on-going commitment to improving the way we understand and care for animals, UFAW is holding the third of a series of one day conferences on ‘Recent advances in animal welfare science’ on 21st June 2012. This regular meeting aims to provide a forum at which the broad community of scientists, veterinary surgeons and others concerned with animal welfare can come together to share knowledge and practice, discuss advances and exchange views.


Programme details:

8.30 – 9.20 Registration and poster set up


Session 1:

  • Kirkwood JK (UFAW, UK)
    Welcome and Introduction
  • Lambton SL, CJ Nicol, JL McKinstry, M Friel, J Walton, C Sherwin and CA Weeks (University of Bristol, UK)
    Testing a management package designed to reduce injurious pecking in loose-housed commercial laying hen flocks
  • Baker SE and DW Macdonald (University of Oxford, UK)
    Assessing the relative humaneness of vertebrate pest control methods in the UK


Break: Refreshments

Session 2:

  • Smulders TV, BA Robertson, O Rhys, L Holmes, MS Turner, RB D’Eath, PW Wilson, IC Dunn and T Boswell  (University of Newcastle, Scottish Agricultural College and University of Edinburgh, UK)
    Food-restricted broiler breeders: Does chronic hunger lead to chronic stress?
  • Rowan AN and M Jones (Humane Society International, USA and UK)
    Developing benchmarks for assessing the success of dog management approaches around the world
  • Ellwood SA, RPD Atkinson, DW Macdonald and SE Baker (University of Oxford, UK and The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee, USA)
    The mechanical performance of currently unregulated spring-traps for use with rats, mice and moles
  • Part C, J Kiddie, W Hayes, D Mills, DB Morton and LM Collins (Queen’s University Belfast, Royal Veterinary College, University of Lincoln and University of Birmingham, UK)
    Dogs at home: A comparison of welfare physiology and behaviour at home and in a boarding kennel environment


Lunch – poster session from 13.10


Session 3:

  • de Haas EN, TB Rodenburg, J ten Napel and B Kemp (Wageningen University, The Netherlands)
    Behavioural development of feather pecking in commercial laying hens – the past or the present?
  • Bateson M, G Feenders, K Klaus and K Jayne (University of Newcastle, UK)
    Effects of hand-rearing on the cognition and behaviour of caged European starlings
  • Leach MC, K Klaus, AL Miller, M Scotto di Perrotolo, SG Sotocinal and PA Flecknell (University of Newcastle, UK and McGill University, Canada)
    The assessment of post-vasectomy pain in mice using behaviour and the Mouse Grimace Scale
  • Viitasaari E, L Hänninen, M Heinonen, M Raekallio and A Valros (University of Helsinki, Finland)
    The benefits of ketoprofen administered intramuscularly 3 days post partum in sows


Break: Refreshments


Session 4:

  • Packer RMA, A Hendricks and CC Burn (The Royal Veterinary College, UK)
    How long and low can you go? A preliminary investigation of exaggeration of back length and reduction in leg length as a risk factor for intervertebral disc herniation (IVDH) in domestic dogs
  • Nasr MAF, J Murrell, LJ Wilkins and CJ Nicol (University of Bristol, UK and Zagazig University, Egypt)
    The effect of two classes of opioid drug on the landing ability of laying hens with and without keel fractures
  • Hothersall B, G Caplen, CJ Nicol, AE Waterman-Pearson, CA Weeks and JC Murrell (University of Bristol, UK)
    Challenges of determining links between pain and lameness in broiler chickens

17.20 End


Click here to download a PDF of the full timetable.

Click here to download a full list of the posters.

Click here to download the Speaker and Poster Abstracts booklet




THIS CONFERENCE IS NOW FULLY BOOKED. As part of UFAW’s commitment to providing a forum for the exchange of ideas and to ensure that the meeting is accessible to widest range of those with an interest in animal welfare, the registration fee to attend this conference is kept low, this time at just £25. Note: This price includes refreshments but delegates will need to make their own arrangements for lunch.  Registration is from 8.30, with talks starting at 9.20 and ending at 17.20. Email Stephen Wickens at for a registration form.


Delegates are responsible for booking their own accommodation. Click here to download details of local hotels with special discount rates for this Conference. Please note that the special rates are only available up to 6 weeks before the Conference.



The conference is being held in York, in the medieval Merchant Adventurers’ Hall, Fossgate YO1 9XD. Located next to the pedestrianised centre of York and built in 1357, the timbered Hall and Undercroft make up one of the best preserved medieval guild halls in the world.  For further information about the venue and details of hotels in the area, click on link below.

Getting there:


The A1/M1 motorway network is connected to the A64 by the A1/M1 link road providing fast motorway links from all regions of the UK. There are a number of clearly sign-posted car parks close to the Merchant Adventurers’ Hall (see map ) but the parking for the day at these is expensive. Alternatively, and much cheaper, there is a network of Park & Ride facilities situated on the outskirts of York with a quick, low- fare service into the centre of York.


Travelling to York by train is easy. There are direct daily services from London, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham and the South West.

National Rail Enquiries: 08457 484950


York is within easy travelling distance of six international airports including, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds/ Bradford and Newcastle. First bus operates a non stop hourly coach service between York Railway Station and Leeds/Bradford International Airport. Visit for more information or to book tickets.


P&O/NSF operate daily overnight crossings from Zeebrugge and Rotterdam direct to Hull with a coach link to York.


Background to UFAW:

UFAW, the Universities Federation for Animal Welfare, is an internationally-recognised, independent, scientific and educational animal welfare charity. The organization promotes high standards of welfare for farm, companion, laboratory and captive wild animals and those with which we interact in the wild.


Contact Details:

Stephen Wickens, Development Officer, UFAW, The Old School, Brewhouse Hill, Wheathampstead, Hertfordshire, AL4 8AN, UK. Tel: +44 (0) 1582 831818; Fax: +44 (0) 1582 831414; Website:; Email:


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